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Our Lumber Mill

Our company is the main supplier of fine quality hardwood decking materials in the United States. In fact, we were the first international lumber company in the U.S. to show deck builders and homeowners the beauty and versatility of Brazilian Teak decking. Since that time, many more homes now own a deck made out of this exotic hardwood.

What can you expect when you call us for Brazilian Teak wood?

With an absolute commitment to high customer satisfaction, you can expect to receive courteous and professional advice while you place your order. In addition to having your questions answered by a professional, you can also submit your custom order of Brazilian Teak. Do you need Brazilian Teak flooring, trim, molding, or even a deck rail system? By investing in the finest European equipment, you can rest easy knowing that when the delivery truck arrives at your job site, all your Brazilian Teak needs will be met. Call us today.

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